Clear Plastic Horizontal 9 Pocket Wall Mount Business Card Holder

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9 Pocket Wall Mount Business Card Holder

Material:                               Clear Plastic

Product Dimensions:          12" Inches wide x 8" Inches high

Pocket Capacity:                  50 Standard Business Cards per Pocket.

Pocket Layout:                     3 Across, 3 High

Pocket Depth:                      13/16"


The 9 Pocket Wall Mount Business Card Holder from Advert Display Products, Inc. is the perfect way to keep your business cards organized and on display. Made of clear acrylic, this sleek and stylish holder can be mounted on the wall in your office or retail store, freeing up valuable counter and tabletop space. With nine pockets, there's plenty of room to store and showcase your business cards, making it easy for customers and clients to find the information they need. The wall mount business card holder is a great way to promote yourself or your business associates and increase brand recognition among customers. It's perfect for retail stores, offices, banks, libraries, showrooms, and more. Order yours today!